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 Hunting Tracts for sale and/or lease.  SOME are leased for the 2014 season.

Most of the current renters will have first option to re-lease their tract for 2014. If this rent is unpaid by March, then it become open to all.

Southwest Georgia Deer hunting. Properties in Crisp, Dougherty, Marion, Sumter, Terrell, Turner and Worth Counties. Click on the location, several small tracts for lease.      The home of the Red Oak Plantations monsters like this.

<-- This deer was taken in Worth County on Red Oak Plantation during the 2010 season.




My son took these while sitting on the ground 



MARION COUNTY Plantation Producing Huge Whitetails Published: January - 1999

Now, here's a remarkable whitetail deer harvest. Seems 21 hunters this past season in Georgia killed 15 whitetail bucks with an average green score of 177.25 points B & C. At a whitetail research center called Fort Perry Plantation near Columbus, Georgia. (link to the complete story, My Marion county property is within 1/2 mile of this Fort Perry Plantation ).....As you might expect, the price tag is high - $12,000 for the first (and probably best) hunt, plus a trophy fee of $3,500; and $9,000 for the other three hunts, plus a trophy fee of $3,500. Or Google fort Perry Plantation and do your own research.


Call and get written permission before visiting or trespassing on our property!

No weapons or arms of any type allowed without current signed hunting lease!                                       


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